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7 February 2018

Mayor of Winterswijk learned professional German at Regina Coeli

The municipality of Winterswijk shares 60% of its border with Germany and, as a result, has intensive border traffic on a daily basis. No wonder speaking German is seen as important there. As mayor of such a bustling, international municipality, it is, of course, important to stay on top of things. Joris Bengevoord, who, for six months after his appointment, could boast of being the youngest mayor in the Netherlands, went to Vught for a week to brush up on his German.

22 March 2017

German is on the tip of your tongue

“Ein alter Affe auf einem Apfelbaum aß einen Apfel auf.“ This is a simple German sentence that many Dutch people have problems getting their tongues around. The reason is that German articulation is completely different to that of Dutch.

22 March 2017

Magical words in German

Just as in Dutch and English, German modal particles, which are words that reflect the mood or attitude of the speaker, are magical words.

22 March 2017

The plural form of the German word Milch

Did you know that there was a plural form of the German word ‘Milch’?

29 July 2015

Chantal Janzen's German

The best way to really learn a foreign language is to start using it in the real world immediately after taking lessons. Actress, presenter and musical star Chantal Jansen can attest to that. Just one week after completing her German course at Regina Coeli, she was already co-hosting the German version of The Voice Kids for German network SAT.1.

18 July 2013

German language training, armed with business objectives

In order to get off to a flying start in his new function as Managing Director of Aon Affinity and Member of the Aon Risk Services Management team in Germany, Mr Goudswaard decided that his German needed bringing up to scratch. He arrived at Regina Coeli, armed with his business objectives and agenda.

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