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14 februari 2023

Learning Dutch: when are you going to get started?

When you’ve just arrived in the Netherlands, you face an important decision: are you going to learn Dutch? And when will you do that: right away or after you settle in a bit?

14 februari 2023

The power of an intensive training course

Does learning a language quickly also mean forgetting it quickly? If you do it right, it doesn't.

14 februari 2023

You learn about the culture alongside the language

Even if you speak a language completely correctly when it comes to grammar, the approach you take can often be vastly different to what you might do in your mother tongue. This has everything to do with cultural differences.

2 januari 2023

How do you make language learning fun?

Do you remember them from secondary school: those lists of German cases, irregular verbs in English or French verb conjugations? It probably helped, but whether it was actually fun memorising all that... Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!

2 januari 2023

Ten habits to improve in a language

If you speak a foreign language, you’ve surely noticed that it’s “use it or lose it”. That’s why it’s so important to keep up your skills. Perhaps you do use the language regularly, but you’ve noticed that your progress has come to a standstill. You can do something about both of these things. The easiest way is to make language a part of your daily or weekly routine. Start with one of these ten ideas!

2 januari 2023

What language learning is all about...

The reason most people learn a language is because they want to communicate with people who speak that language. For some, there’s a business reason: for example, they might want to sell their product in Germany. Someone else might want to learn German in order to study there or because their in-laws are German. But there may be even more important reasons for learning a foreign language.

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