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1 March 2019

The language of Brazil’s carnival

Every year, Carnival explodes onto the scene in Brazil. It officially runs from Sunday to Tuesday, but a lot of partying also happens in the months leading up to Carnival, like at the so-called blocos, street parties in the different neighbourhoods. If you go to Brazil during Carnival, our word list may come in handy.

21 February 2019

Learn German in your leisure time

If you want to improve your German or keep your current skills up to par, it is important to keep using the language. Perhaps you already speak a lot of German at work or in your social life, but if not, we have some tips for you to improve your German in your free time.

21 February 2019

Learning Arabic: Where do you start?

Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In our increasingly globalising world, there is a growing chance you, too, will meet and interact with Arabic speakers. So, how do you start learning Arabic? And where do you start?

21 February 2019

VR a valuable addition to Regina Coeli programme

Virtual reality is now part of the language training for more and more Regina Coeli students. VR glasses allow them to enter a virtual world while they continue to communicate with their trainer. Of the students who used VR in the past quarter, 75.9% were either satisfied or very satisfied with it.

13 February 2019

From being understandable to speaking Dutch powerfully

Many people who learn foreign languages would like to sound like native speakers. But even when you exclusively speak the new language for years, you can still end up with a noticeable accent. How can you work on proper pronunciation from the start? We spoke about this with Yvonne Tupker, a speech therapist and Dutch language trainer at Regina Coeli.

13 February 2019

Language Weekends score high ratings

Last year, Regina Coeli started offering language training at weekends. In fact, they have been so popular that we will be open fourteen weekends in 2019. People who took part in the Language Weekends in 2018 were incredibly enthusiastic about their experiences. They gave weekends an average score of 9.4.

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