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26 March 2017

Learn Italian words faster!

To learn words faster you should use your knowledge of other languages. Try to make as many links as you can between Italian words and their equivalents in other languages.

26 March 2017

Does 'king' deserve a capital letter?

In Dutch, all job titles are written with a small letter whether you’re a salesmanager, a butcher, a builder or a king.

26 March 2017

Dutch language course for business purposes

Sooner or later, every expat in the Netherlands realizes that it would be wise to learn to communicate better in Dutch. It is never too late to learn Dutch, and everyone can learn to speak better Dutch. A course geared to business Dutch is definitely not an excessive luxury or expenditure for non-native speakers who operate in a business environment in the Netherlands.

26 March 2017


Mr B departs for Italy —where he will be working for an Italian company— with absolutely no knowledge of the language; he had no time for a language course. Moreover, he is convinced that most Italians are able to speak a bit of English nowadays, especially considering the emails peppered with English words which he regularly receives from Italy.

26 March 2017

Languages indispensable within legal branch

In the legal profession, it’s becoming more and more important to be able to speak other languages. That explains why Regina Coeli has been accredited by the Netherlands Bar Association as an approved training institute for its members. Lawyers who do language training at Regina Coeli can earn twenty study points which contribute to their mandatory continuing professional development.

26 March 2017

Être and avoir

Être and avoir are the verbs that are most used in the French language. Both are irregular and turn up in many different forms. It is hardly surprising, then, that anyone learning French has a tough time learning how to use them correctly.

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