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26 March 2017

French business culture

Success in business in France depends on appropriate behaviour and on mutual trust and understanding. In this article we present some of the aspects of French business culture.

26 March 2017

How the French interpret gestures

Non-verbal communication differs from country to country and this is often one of the reasons why intercultural communication is such a challenge. This explains why a simple discussion can take an unexpected turn, quite unintentionally.

26 March 2017

French courses: the tailor-made approach

French is both a working and an official language of the European Union, the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO and other legal entities and governing bodies. The language is spoken on five continents, which makes it a truly global language. Yet if you do not live in a country where the language is spoken, you will probably not hear or read it often. This is in sharp contrast to English, which is an ever-present feature of daily life.

26 March 2017

What is the difference in Italian between ‘buono’ and ‘bene’?

People learning Italian sometimes use the words ‘buono’ and ‘bene’ incorrectly. They associate ‘buono’ with eating well and ‘bene’ with how good the food is. Unfortunately this doesn’t work in Italian.

26 March 2017

Are you on holiday or on vacation?

What a strange question! If I’m on holiday then I’m also on vacation. They mean the same after all. But as a result of the economic crisis,…

26 March 2017

Italian expressions - In vino veritas

Drinking good wine, within limits of course, is so much part of Italian culture that the language is peppered with sayings and expressions to do with wine. Here are five of them.

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