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8 October 2020

Take a corona-proof language course

Measures relating to COVID-19 have been tightened up in the Netherlands. This, in turn, has prompted us to take another critical look at how we are currently working. Are you curious about how things are going at Regina Coeli? Then watch the short film!

7 September 2020

Language training for youths at Regina Coeli

Regina Coeli has begun offering individual language training courses for young people aged 15 to 18. More and more secondary school students are interested in taking language lessons alongside what they get at school. This could be because they find the language difficult, are looking for an additional challenge or want to prepare for internationally orientated education, for example. Students can opt for online lessons from a native speaker and intensive individual language training at Regina Coeli in Vught during the weekend.

3 September 2020

Regina Coeli expands its offering with online training courses

Regina Coeli has added online language courses to its offering as of the 1st of September. Students can choose to have part—and in some cases, all—of their training take place in online lessons with a language trainer. The new training offering, which, in addition to the familiar ‘week with the nuns’, for example, also includes fully online conversation training, is the result of Regina Coeli’s experience providing online lessons during the corona crisis.

23 June 2020

Online made-to-measure, face-to-face lessons also score big

In mid-March we hurriedly closed down the institute in connection with the measures taken around COVID-19. That very same week, a group of colleagues put their heads together virtually to come up with a solution for the weeks to come, and within one week we’d switched over completely to online lessons! And that was appreciated.

18 June 2020

Regina Coeli and the 1.5 metre culture

Regina Coeli has been open again for course members since the beginning of June. Anyone who has ever been to our institute cannot help but notice how quiet it is now in the building, although there are course members and language trainers present. This is of course because of all the measures we have had to take with respect to the coronavirus. The 1.5 metre rule limits the number of course members we are able to welcome to our institute. However, this is certainly not a disadvantage as far as our course members are concerned!

22 May 2020

Regina Coeli re-opens for course members as from 7 June

The Regina Coeli team is getting ready to re-open its doors, and course members are welcome as from Sunday, 7 June. With the necessary guidelines and protocols in place, Regina Coeli will be giving language training courses again at the institute in Vught. At the same time, it will continue to offer online language training courses.


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