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30 November 2022

What language do you communicate in?

When you zoom in on language, you find that a multitude of languages are spoken in the Netherlands. Recent research has shown that 25% of adults here prefer to speak a language other than Dutch at home.If you aren’t required to learn Dutch, you can generally get by with English. An important question then is: is your English and that of your conversation partners up to scratch? And you could also ask yourself whether you’re comfortable not being able to understand and speak Dutch.

22 November 2022

A solid foundation in the Russian language

That Russian is not a language you simply learn overnight can be confirmed by Veronique Jourdain. Russia and its language are part of this French artist manager's life. "Now I wanted to finally build a solid foundation in the Russian language so I can speak Russian with the musicians I support. Regina Coeli came highly recommended by the director of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of the Netherlands. And for that tip, I thanked him wholeheartedly after the training.”

9 June 2022

Is Dutch your stumbling block?

In terms of language, the Netherlands is an easy country to live in as an expat. With English and basic knowledge of Dutch, you can get by just fine. Until the moment you notice that you’re not getting any further...

17 February 2022

Dutch on thin ice

Dutch sports are dominated by skating in winter. You can follow all the major competitions live on TV. And when a Dutch skater wins, loses miserably or makes a mistake, you’ll find everyone talking about it around the coffee machine at work the next day, so it helps to know a little about the Dutch culture and a few words related to skating.

8 December 2021

How long does it take to learn a language?

How long it takes to speak a foreign language depends on several factors: the desired level, your starting situation, the language you want to learn, the number of hours you put into it and the effectiveness of the method.

8 December 2021

Once upon a time, ‘er’ was a little word...

Anyone who learns Dutch as a foreign language gets to take on the fun challenge presented by the simple combination of two letters: the word 'er'. ‘Er’ seems to be an insignificant word which doesn’t mean much of anything, yet it is used all over the place in Dutch and you cannot just omit it.

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