The Nuns of Vught

Language Institute Regina Coeli was founded by the Sisters of the Holy Order of St. Augustine in Vught. They were part of an international education congregation. It goes without saying that they were open to other cultures and languages. With great conviction they set to helping people learn new languages, thereby laying the foundation for the Regina Coeli Method.

From the beginning the course members were impressed by the noticeable results they achieved. The story soon spread that you had to go to ‘the nuns of Vught’ if you wanted to learn a language quickly and well. The lessons have not been taught by the nuns for years, but the quality and careful attention to the course members have definitely been retained.

At Language Institute Regina Coeli you can learn eight different languages. Our language trainers design mainly individual programmes for different levels and branches:

What the nuns began as something new, we continue to build upon with effort, professionalism and innovation. That is why we are still known as ‘the nuns of Vught’, and we are proud of it!

A brief history


Alix le Clerc and Pierre Fourier establish the Sisters of the Holy Order of St. Augustine in Lotharingen (in what is now northeast France), with the aim of educating girls.



As a result of the Combes law, which forbade religious orders giving education, the order scattered across Europe. The Sisters of the Holy Order of St. Augustine in Lunéville landed in Vught. They built a convent with a girls’ secondary education boarding school, which was given the name Regina Coeli. From there the secondary school grew to be one of the first Dutch schools which integrated a language training laboratory (1962), at that time a government experiment.

 RC - monastery


The nuns started their own language training laboratory in their convent; thanks to their international character, they had access to a group of native speakers who were already teachers. The combined infrastructure of the convent and boarding school made it possible to offer course members a complete package. In the beginning primarily missionaries and development workers came to learn languages at Regina Coeli, but the quality of the language training laboratory was quickly discovered by ambassadors, politicians, well-known Dutch figures and others. 


The language training laboratory left its original building and moved into a new building on the grounds, taking the name Regina Coeli. This building was expanded in 1991 and then replaced in 2001 by a new building on the same spot. A new wing was added in 2011.

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The Nuns of Vught