About us

Language Institute Regina Coeli is a private limited company whose shares are in the hands of the St. Pierre Fourier Foundation. Our profits are either invested in the institute or paid out to the foundation, which in turn uses them for good causes.

 Regina Coeli building Regina Coeli entrance hall 

Organisational structure

The organisation consists of six language departments and a number of support services. One management team, under the chairmanship of a general director, guides the organisation. The Board of Directors supervises business processes.


As of 1 January 2017, Language Institute Regina Coeli had 148 employees in service, for a total of 87.24 FTEs. The majority of our employees are language trainers.

Language courses in 2016

In 2016 we delivered 3323 language courses. They were divided across the language departments as follows:

  •  Dutch 27.6%
  •  English 36.2%
  •  German 14.3%
  •  French 12.4%
  •  Spanish 5.6%
  •  Italian 2.2%
  • Portuguese 1.1%
  • Chinese 0.7% 

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About us