Nora Gerritzen

German language trainer

Nora comes from Marburg in Germany. She studied political science, German, Italian and music. Nora worked for a company in Brussels and a publisher in Luxembourg. She was subsequently recruited by a private technical school in Luxembourg, where she taught German, history, music and gained her teaching qualification.

‘The German and Dutch cultures differ noticeably in a number of respects. One example is that many Germans have the tendency to first consider everything carefully and then act. They’re slow off the mark (by Dutch standards), but can then carry things out in one go. I try to teach the Dutch students in particular that they have to give Germans a chance to go through their internal processes.

I notice that our German lessons can’t be compared to the German lessons our students had in secondary school. Memorising lists is how things get done there. Our method is focused on the practical use of the language, which means our students speak a lot in the lessons. Besides focusing on theory, we practice the language the student needs for his or her profession, often by using role plays. Humour, curiosity and professionalism are central to my lessons. A course at Regina Coeli is the ideal preparation for the professional challenges you face when using another language.’


German, Italian, French, Luxembourgish, Dutch, English


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