Angélica Nóbrega Brito

Portuguese language trainer

Angélica comes from João Pessoa in northwest Brazil. She studied Portuguese language and culture with a specialisation in translations. Found translating a lonely profession and discovered teaching in the Netherlands. That is her passion!

‘The ultimate goal of learning a foreign language is being able to construct your own communication. For that, you really have to know the rules of the language. You don’t speak a language if you can only regurgitate ready-made sentences. We start creating your own sentences from day one.

Besides the language, we also spend a lot of time on the culture. I myself grew up in Brazil and learnt all about the Portuguese culture when I was studying. There are differences between the two countries, which I love explaining to students.

Brazilians really appreciate it when you make an effort to speak Portuguese. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you should be able to make yourself clear enough to avoid misunderstandings.’


Portuguese, Dutch, English

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